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Promotional Product Planner


4 Simple steps to follow when selecting the perfect promotional product.


1.  The first step in aiming smarter is to identify and target your audience.  With each promotion and marketing campaign, think about who you want to reach.  This will help you achieve the best results.

Possible Targets:

Top Customers

Current Customers

Prospective Customers

Lost Customers


General Public



2.  The next step is to focus on your goal.  Have a purpose in mind and include a call to action with a phone number, website, email, or QR code.

Possible Goals:

Brand Awareness

Build Tradeshow Traffic

Generate New Customers

Improve Customer Relations

Launch a New Product or Service

Promote Loyalty or Show Pride


Motivate or Reward Performance

Increase Referrals



3.  It is also important to consider where you want your message to be viewed by your target audience.  For example, if the power goes out, a glow-in-the-dark product with a "Call for Emergency" phone message may be more useful than simply a flashlight with a power company logo imprint.

Possible Locations:  

At the Office

At Home

In the Car

At an Event

Attached to a Mobile Device

In the Kitchen


4.  Finally, think about how you plan to deliver the product.  Ask us about special packaging options.  Delivering an item in a gift box changes the perceived value of almost any item.

Possible Distribution Options:

Hand Deliver

Direct Mailing

Gift with Purchase

Trade Show

Networking Event



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